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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mitcham Monday

Ok its a tad early for Mitcham Monday but since Sarah had to miss out last week here are a few after his bath and brushing ;)

A thousand thank you's to my MOM who on MOTHER"S DAY helped me groom Mitcham. He loves her so much too :) Those ears want to come up....slowly....
Here is my Mom and Mitcham. Doesn't he look so sad :( ;)

Its always hard to have non dog people take photos for you as you just never know when they will take the photo or how the dog looks. After about 20 photos these two were the best for today. Oh and it was kind of windy......if you look closely at his hair on his belly ;)
Maybe a little stretched out too far?

And of course when we are done he gets to run......he runs REALLY fast and always such a happy boy! I did do a video of him trying to gait but the pants I was wearing have a broken zipper....and i didn't want to embarrass myself by posting it ;)


Sarah said...

Yay Mitcham! He looks so grown up with straight hair. He looks great. :-)

Beaguile Cardigans said...

Yeah we don't want to see Mini Gaga come out in the video!