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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Well there was no Mitcham Monday as per Sarah's pointing out due to a long day at work and then I had Ell's first night of foundation agility in Detroit Lakes. Mac and my sister Lindsay also are in the class and it was really fun to see Mac out and doing something. he was so excited to be doing something and with other dogs! He slept all the way home and once he got to his home with Grandpa and Grandma he slept the entire rest of the night and ALL night long until my dad's alarm went off in the morning! My dad asked if we could take Mac every night ;)

It was so fun to see Ell doing agility...she really is a natural. Although the tunnel she didn't really like when it was fully extended as the tunnel itself is kinda spongy and soft and she didn't know about that....but it was only her first day.

Oh its outside too! I think that is great as there are WAY more distractions outside and with all the smells and birds and noises and other dogs it really is a good way to start out the dogs. Its in a 6ft high chain link fenced in area so no fear of the dogs getting away. If it rains they do move it inside.

Not much else new on the doggie front. I have Sadie entered in the Fargo agility trial just one day on the 16th hoping for that 3rd leg at Novice Standard and maybe a leg in Open JWW if she doesn't give me the middle finger and go off course again :)

Mitcham photos soon...he doesn't change much any more ;) >:)


Rayna said...

I need to move out there and get Anisa and Izzy in it...that would be SO much fun!

Sharrie said...

Zippy and I are going to puppy class tonight. Time to get started.

yasashiikuma said...

Remind me to tell you my story about the herd-o-Herefords next time we get together ;)