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Saturday, June 20, 2009

So far so good!

I'm at my buddies house and finally have time to report on my weekend (so far)!

Thursday at the Cambridge, MN cluster, I had a great day!

Zoe was Reserve Winners Bitch, Justice was Winners Dog and Best of Winners for his first two points at his very first show (aside from the National)!

Mitcham was also a good boy and was Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a cross over THREE POINT MAJOR!

Friday at the same cluster was another good day!

Ell was Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners for a single point! It was the last single point she needed so she, along with Zoe both have 12 points and 1 major, so we are on the look out for those elusive last majors! Justice was RWD.

And Mitcham once again was a cool dude and was Winner's dog and Best of Winner's for another cross over Three Point Major!!

How blessed am I?!! Two majors, back to back on his 3rd and 4th days out! wohoo!!!

Today, Saturday wasn't as great of a day . Zoe was RWB again (she's got at least 25+ of them!) and that was it! The other Briard boy was pulled today so there was no points in the dogs. Mitcham didn't get the cross over points and BOW was awarded to the bitch I was showing for Liz and she got a 3 pt major! So I still got a major on a dog, just not mine ;) I can't complain! The show cluster has been good for me!

Tomorrow is the last day and I am POOPED! I'll keep ya'll posted as to how we do then! Fingers crossed!


penni said...

I'd say it's been a good weekend -- Congratulations. Now hang in there for one more day. Then you can go home and work like crazy so you can go to more dog shows.

Jules said...

Congratulations! I hope today goes well.

Holly said...

Congrats Garrett!! What wonderful wins!!

StubbyDog said...

Congrats!! Weekends like that are always soooo sweet. Enjoy it!

Joanna said...

Mitcham looks like a totally cool dude - you have to post gaiting videos at some point because the boy looks like he can move like whoa.

By the way, I meant to say on your earlier post: Yes, Les Pooches slickers rock. Totally worth it. Are you using a final rinse-though with some silicone? That may really help with the matting, although the coat change is horrible no matter what. Chris Christensen After Bath is, seriously, a miracle product.