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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lyme's Vaccination

I know there is much debate about Lymes Vaccines and how not effective they are. There is a new one on the market this year called Recombitek Lyme Vaccine. I gave all of my dogs this tonight. ( i got it from my vet). They say that its efficacy is much higher (near 100%) versus the older vaccine that may or may not have helped keep it at bay.

I wasn't a big fan of vaccinations (the last three years I did not give my pigeons any vaccine for Paramyxovirus) and then went to a show and brought it home and wiped out ALL of my breeding stock that I myself raised in the last three years. It was devastating. I have since vaccinated everyone again for it. Lesson learned albeit a devastating one!

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the Lymes Vaccine if you have or have not used it.

I also had to give everyone the Bordetella Vaccine as my training facilities now require it to train, board or groom my dogs there.


Holly said...

I live in "Lyme Central". Nearly all of my dogs have expressed the disease at one time or another. Stresses can bring on symptoms. One of the reasons I always check a bred bitch mid-pregnancy for Lyme as the stress of pregnancy will bring on the disease.

I have never been a fan of vaccinating for the disease but this year I am. It will be the only vaccine I will give yearly to my adults.

Beaguile Cardigans said...

OOOHHHH GEEEEEZZZUUSSS!!! You are sick with it. What's next? Testing dogs to see if they produce males that lift thier legs when they piss? It could be genetic, better swab em.