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Monday, June 15, 2009

Justice photo shoot

Justice hasn't had much 'air time' on the blog.

We've been watching him grow up and I thought tonight in the evening hours that I should bathe him for the long show weekend and take a few photos. They are ungroomed, except for a blow dryer post doggie shower. Its nearly impossible to take photos that do him, well, justice, but you can get the basic idea. Neighsayers will say he has a short neck. while its not a llama neck, it is proportionate for his body. The lack of white doesn't help matters (at least for the initial once over) but I've also seen dogs with full white collars that have no neck and the white makes their neck look long. I digress....

Show side...he looks so sad doesn't he? >:)
"MY" side.
hmm....I'm bored...I wonder what's going on back in the house?
Oh RIGHT! Look at the camera. How much longer will this take? I have a bone to chew (no pun intended)

*SIGH* Ok yes I'll turn my head for a 'profile' shot. i'm rather bored....can I go now?

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Sarah said...

Wow has he grown up since April! Darby says she can still keep up with him, and can't wait to see him again for some wrestling in South Dakota. Hmm, maybe they should start a publicity tour and do a "wrestling in all 50 states" gig.