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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Somebody has a favorite :)

Somebody has a favorite!! Daisy's favorite person is my dad (her Grandpa!) While I was finding my camera to take a photo she went and gave my dad a kiss on the face! She's never done that for me! *arm cross*
But alas...someone was jealous of this new arrangement.......and was making sure that he was Grandpa's 'favorite' too. His classical "we're touching" pose where his foot is touching your shoulder....
Maybe this is a better place to get 'wratched' (instead of scratched)...Oliver is nearly laying on Daisy to get close enough....

I guess my life isn't so boring....;)

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penni said...

Cardis seem to have more ways to draw attention to themselves. Whether it's whole body slams, paw plants, or face licks, they all work.