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Monday, June 8, 2009

Mitcham Monday

From the Fargo show......

Mitcham and Steve Peterson (Barb's husband) at the grooming spot.
Dang those ears just wouldn't stay up for the photos that day!

Below is NEW Champion Aiden!! He is Erica Morris' Irish Setter who has only needed TWO single points to finish! He got them at FMKC this year! Way to go team Aus dem Norden!


Rayna said...

Man he's so grown up now! *cry*

dreameyce said...

TY. You're allowed to life freely now... for another week! Bonus points, if we see new Mitcham pics BEFORE monday ;0P

Love him. I don't think I can ever handle the coat, but lordy, I LOVE drooling over them!

Sarah said...

He really doesn't look like a puppy anymore. Where has time gone? Hmm, I still have not heard whether I'll get to meet Mitcham in Vermillion or not????

Sherilyn said...

Wow, he's grown up so much since I saw him last! Can't wait to see him again! :)