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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Emily and Sarah Special :)

I can't usually get a photo of Mitcham, unless you get them like this one:

So I put him behind the fence and let the rest of the dogs out. Below is the Sadie Princess surveying her domain.
Or Mitcham smiling for the camera and Daisy frolicking around!
This one isn't so close?
Finally...laying down, although through the chain link!
Finally standing still...but he is on a potty break! (Notice ears UP!) and Oliver with his happy face. don't you just love the random cardigan in the background of each photo??!!

I was able to get him MOVING fairly nicely. He is so happy!I had to throw a few non Mitcham photos in! (Sorry I know I know!) Below is Justice taking a tinkle....he did get a bath last night and of course wasn't completely dry when he went to needless to say that hair normally does NOT look like bath again tomorrow :)
Zoe is turned funny but is waiting and watching Justice and Ell running like maniacs...she was waiting to pounce :)


Sarah said...

Wow, both Mitcham and Justice look so grown up! I hope Justice and Darby can have some playtime again soon!

Mitcham, I can't wait to meet you in Vermillion. :-) YAY! Now I might be able to forgive your dad for leaving you at home during the Cardigan specialty.

dreameyce said...


THANK YOU! And now luckily, it's ALMOST MONDAY! ;0P