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Thursday, June 30, 2011

puppy fever at 9 weeks.

Some candid photos of Levi x Daisy litter. I'm having them evaluated this weekend and will have professional photos taken then. Sorry for THAT delay :) From what I can see they all have long upper arms (YAY!) and great movement, nice length and pretty heads.

This is the brindle boy Cass. He is a barker and always wanting to be on your lap.
Feeding time!!
This is Campbell. My heart is falling fast for her.....
Cable is a handsome dude.
Cleary LOVES to be pet and loved on. I'm not choking her honest.
Cam and Cass the two brindle boys. So similar and yet so different!
Candy is the lightest of the 'ee' puppies. she also has the most body splashes.
THIS is cleary. always up to mischeif despite her love of attention.
Ceynowa has killer movement. she is the most reserved of the puppies as well.
Cass again giving me the 'oh pitiful me' look. its not working. at least not this time ;)
I seem to have missed Cole somehow in the photo taking. I'll look for one of him.


Brittany said...

You know if you'r looking to just make a puppy disappear..... wait. I'm pretty sure the husband would be mad if I showed up with another animal, let alone a puppy.

I must say they are all adorable. My favorite is Candy and her body splashes. It does add so much to their character :)

Michelle said...

You're killing me. Remember, I said it would be several YEARS before I should consider adding another dog....

Ashley said...

AWWWW! I love little Cable and Candy! But, Campbell really looks like a sweetie! Do you have to send the 'ee' pups to pet homes or can they be shown and used for breeding if they turn out nicely?