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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My puppies

This shows you from left to right Ava (Huxley x Zoe) Brewer and Ballantyne (Pilot x Ell). These are the result of my first two litters. As you can tell they are all goofs :)
Ballantyne aka "Naughty" with Sadie.That is a face of mischief.
Siblings Brewer and Ballantyne. Love them. Such awesome expression :)
here is the current litter Levi x Daisy. This was chaos as I was approaching the xpen. I add new items to the xpen every day that help stimulate their brains and overcome any fear they may have. today were several new surfaces including a dog fence partition, a crate divider, a cookie cooling rack, and a muffin tin. No lie. This works folks.

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Spyrock Cardigans said...

Would the muffin tin happen to be the same one you got a picture of baby Minnie sleeping on? :)