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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Test Results:

Just got my test results via email for some of the dogs:

Sadie - DM carrier. I was curious to her status even though she is spayed. This makes me feel good as she will not ever be at risk for this disease.

Ell - Pink test; E/E (normal). she does not carry the pink gene 'e'. After finding that Daisy did, I wanted to make sure with Ell.

Ava - Pink test E/E (normal), DM N/A (carrier), Fluff N/A (carrier)

Ballantyne - Pink test E/E (normal), DM N/A (carrier), Fluff N/A (carrier)

Bolin's tests were sent off today as I was able to collect them from her when i visited Denise's place. Will keep you posted.

I am a little bummed about the fluff and DM status of Ava and Ballantyne. Their mothers were carriers for both, sires were clear/normal for DM and Hux was clear for fluff, so was hoping to 'improve' on their statuses. Oh least they are not at risk or affected.

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Dawn said...

They are not at risk or affected. that is terrific G!