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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two amazing dogs.....

......get to start new lives this weekend!!

this may be a bit sappy, and a bit of a ramble but i'm a little emotional and extremely tired.

I am driving out to the Pacific Northwest tomorrow early (O' dark thirty) to drive out for a sheep show (Black Sheep Gathering) and two deliver two dogs to their new homes.

Zoe gets to live with Missy in Oregon to do herding and obedience. She is a lucky lady (Zoe....well ok Missy is too!) to get to be the pampered queen of the house and all that is Corgi there. I'm going to miss the arm pit snuggles at night and her shrill bark (ok maybe not so much that), and her piling up of the bones on the couch so she can find them later to chew on. So has the most sweetest temperament of any dog I've owned and I'm so happy that Ava is a 'Minnie Zoe' in that respect. I love that sweet blue girl so much. Zoe deserves every bit of what she is going to get living with Missy. Its bitter sweet as I already miss her, but know that it is every dogs dream to have such an awesome life she is going to have with Missy and crew. Minnie is so well taken care of there that I had to pinch myself when Missy came looking for another Cardigan. Its a perfect match and I'm so glad she will be spoiled and loved there.
 Believe it or not, Oliver has a fairy Godmother! Bobbie from Corgi Aid is taking Oliver. She has a cart friendly home and is looking for a cart already for Oliver. He'll live in the Seattle area with other dogs with IVDD and I know Bobbie will be able to better care for his daily needs and I think he'll ultimately be happier there with her. I was looking for a home for Oliver before he went down in the back last May of 2010, but I was just TOO picky and wasn't quite ready to let go. When this happened Bobbie came to my aid and had lots of great info for me to help Oliver. Just a few months ago she emailed me about thinking of Oliver a lot and that maybe Oliver was meant to be hers. It all fell in to place after that and it really is a dream come true for Oliver and for me to find him such a home that could afford him more daily time for his needs and requirements. Oliver is a heart dog of mine and as I sit typing and crying I know its for the best.

If I didn't show dogs, I know I wouldn't breed, and I would have just kept my four original dogs and would have done a lot of performance stuff with them. But its not fair to live in a house full of other dogs, and the longer I'm in this, the harder it seems to give them all equal time, even though they seem to balance out what they need by coming up to me to loving and cuddles and such.

I will miss Oliver's barks to tell me I'm late at giving breakfast or evening breakfast (supper really). he has a schedule and the "Fun Police" of him and Sadie will have to end as well, but I know everything happens for a reason and These two dogs have given me so much love, affection and pride, it hurts. I cannot lie. But I cannot be selfish. These dogs deserve every happiness that is coming to them.

*deep breath*

I love you Oliver. I love you Zoe. thank you for being a part of my life. Onwards and upwards. Take care of your new homes for me.


penni said...

That's great news, Garrett -- for you and for the dogs. It's so easy to build up a pack and then fee guilty for not spending enough time with them.

Jules said...

Oh jeez, I have tears in my eyes about Oliver. I am very happy for you all.

Lani said...

Congratulations on finding such great homes for two of your pack members. It's still hard to let them go...

StubbyDog said...

Big hugs!

Elbeepem said...

It is always bittersweet to let them go. I applaud you seeing the big picture, being so unselfish as to do what seems best for the dogs. These are difficult decisions.

As the owner of the "pink" male puppy from Carolyn's Wally/Hannah-1 litter, I've been admiring your lovely litter. It is VERY hard not to take another pink puppy. They are lovely!

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San Francisco Bay Area

*The Old Geezer said...

Greetings from Southern California

I am your newest follower :-)

I invite you to visit TOGB :-)

Have a Nice Day :-)