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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let sleeping dogs lie....

Now if this doesn't express comfort I don't know what does.....this boy's name is Cable. He's a love!
This little brindle girl's name is Campbell. Puppy call names are again after Minnesota Lakes (they all start with C in this litter)
This boy (puppy #10) is Cam. He's been the boy I've had my eyes on since birth. Time will tell if I'm right ;)
Pups sleeping in the litter box. Both pinks have body splashes. I just thought they were cute they were facing the same way in the same position...The light pink on the right is a girl and her name is Candy. The darker pink on the left is a boy and his name is Cole.
The two spooners again. These two have spooned each other since birth! The brindle is a male (puppy #1) and his name is Cass. he's a barker and Mr. Personality. He will come sit next of the xpen or crate side and bark and howl to get your attention. the pink girl he is spooning is Cleary.
The brindle girl with the body splash up over her hip on the off side. Her name is Ceynowa. No shame this girl.

The entire litter is super sweet, very active puppies! Daisy is still nursing, although I'm separating her for most of the day each day as they just mob her when she goes in. they still nurse about 4 times a day, and are eating as a group just about 5 pounds of food per day...usually cottage cheese, and then ground chicken necks/backs or ground beef heart.

Thank you to those who have sent puppy inquiries to me! I'm following up with many now! Phew!


C-Myste said...

They are darling :-) I just want to buzz their little bellies.

Builder Mama said...

Just adorable! Great pictures!

Léo said...

Better to have too many puppy inquiries than not enough. They're sure to get good homes!

Belly rubs for them all! Now and forever!