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Friday, July 1, 2011

Puppy Registered Names

Here is the list of names I am thinking of using. I have 8 pups, but 10 names. Tell me your favorites.

Ebonwald's Charmed I'm Sure

Ebonwald's Chivalry will get you no where

Ebonwald's Call a Spade a Spade

Ebonwald's Cast the First Stone

Ebonwald's Clean As a Whistle

Ebonwald's Coast is Clear

Ebonwald's Cut to the Chase

Ebonwald's Chip off the Old Block

Ebonwald's Call One's Bluff

Ebonwald's Catch 22


Michelle said...

I'd eliminate the second and last choices if it were me. I take that back; if it were me, I'd incorporate their call names in their registered names; I hate not being able to tell who an animal is by their (unused) registered name!

Kathy Teacher/Librarian said...

I like them all except Cast the first stone. Also I suggest nowhere spelled as one word. How about Ebonwald Call me in the Morning or E. Catch a Falling Star? E. Caught Ya Dreamin' or E. Could You be Mine