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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Barb's girl and two more hopefuls.

The first two photos are of Ceynowa, the brindle bitch that is going to live with Barb in Canada. Campbell, the one I am keeping is nearly identical to her sister Ceynowa, and everyone is excited that this breeding produced such top quality bitches.

Ceynowa the third time on the table ever (I was slacking yes). Both sisters stack naturally and without fuss. They will fantastic to be in the ring showing!

The 'ee' bitch below and brindle male I am running on for the time being. There is much to like about both of them, so we will see how they turn out as they age. I love growing pups on to learn and be educated about how they grow, so time will tell.

Cleary. Female.

Cass. Brindle Male.

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