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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Jon Kimes flew to Minneapolis this morning to help evaluate my Levi x Daisy litter. I had a few favorites and was curious to see which ones Jon picked as his favorites. I wasn't too far off ;)

This is the brindle bitch that is staying here: Ebonwald Merrymoon Pluperfect Charmed I'm Sure, aka Campbell. The side photos are of her 'off' side.

I was excited when I saw a similar breeding that they did with Daisy's aunt Gwen, and had was secretly hoping for something just as lovely. Turns out they are better than their mother :)

I'm always grateful for Jon and Barb's guidance and especially happy with the outcome of this litter! Thank you Jon for taking the time to come evaluate the litter. Barb's puppy will be meeting her in a few months when we all gather at the Western Reserve. I'm running a few more from this litter but the two brindle bitches were the standouts.

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dreameyce said...

Such a long name, it'll take her a while to learn how to write it all out! heehee (That's what they said about Deandra Ember Rose Godlevsky ;)

She's beautiful, and I can't wait to see her grow up!