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Friday, November 13, 2009

waiting list full

Isn't it fun having prospective puppy buyers contact you? Sure sure you get your head aches, or those who just don't fit the life that you want for your puppies.

I've had nearly 40 applications (no lie) and there are 18 people on this waiting list. Of course some are very specific in what they want (blue merle girl, blue eyes with a sassy attitude) but seriously what are the chances that they will get that? I feel much better with people who say " we dont' care the sex or color, we just want a healthy and happy puppy!"

Most of my puppy buyers had contacted me from a referral from other breeders (thanks for that by the way!) or from the CWCCA breeders directory. Nearly all of them said they found my litter to be what they wanted...even just pet puppies, they want healthy puppies from tested parents and from dogs that have no temperament issues.

With that being said I feel pretty good about the litter and I think any of these that are left on the list will be good puppy owners of my pups.

I'm thankful for those who are interested in the litter and those long time breeders who are supporting me with my first litter. You guys rock ;)


Dawn said...

Good God I hope she is not carrying 18! just kidding, glad its going so well!

StubbyDog said...

Great news! Always good to know you have some backups when people inevitably fall off the list.

C-Myste said...


Jeri is right, people do "fall off" the list, but you have a really good start.

Fingers crossed for blue girls!

Traci said...

save some of those folks names who don't manage to make your "cut".... those of us who will be having OUR first litters would appreciate the referrals ;-)
GOOD LUCK!!!! I can't wait to see the babies!!!

Storm Ridge Cardigans said...

That is amazing news, way cool. We also can't wait to see the babies, but with 18, you really will have your hands full. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think I started to leave a comment yesterday and got distracted by work. Just remember a lot of the companion only folks are on multiple lists so you will lose some of them. Good luck with the litter, I wish you a smooth journey! I'm disappointed that at 2 weeks from whelp we aren't showing any signs so no puppies born at Solstice this fall :-(

I'll live virtually thru all the other babies coming.