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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Litter Theme

I had someone ask me about if I had picked a theme yet. The obvious ones would be an "A" litter where all of the names start with 'A'. The other would be a 'first' theme or something but they all seem so over done. I'm terrible with making a theme of my own. My friend suggested I do a Twilight theme. Not like the movie and vampires. But something that has to do with twilight and night time. My original kennel name was Midnight Forest, as that was my pigeon loft name. Diana Mann had found the words Ebon and wald in Welsh to mean Black Woods. It was the closest she could find to Midnight Forest. I liked the idea of Ebonwald and it took! Thanks again Diana!

So I was thinking of names to do with twilight/night time/dark/forest/woods/trees and thought of a few names. But might you have suggestions?

Another theme i was thinking was personal all time favorite song titles. I have a few like "Poker Face" and "Yeah" but didn't know if those were really good 'registered names' so thought maybe lines from the songs like 'Lady in the street', 'Do whop that thing' etc.

That might be kinda fun? thoughts? ideas? names?


Traci said...

I personally like the twilight/night time idea... :) Could be a lot of fun!! I love names!!!

Kate said...

My litter was song titles, and I think that is a theme that can go on forever, with tons of potential.

The two I kept were Radiohead songs ("Street Spirit" and "Kinetic") and I also had a "Cinnamon Girl," which was my favorite name of the bunch.

I liked Jeri's idea of going with her bitch's name, i.e. "Snowrose Poetic Charm," all the puppies had "Charm" somewhere in the name. The one I took is "Celestial Charm" and I think the puppies from her first litter will all have "Star" in the name, "Dog Star," "Black Star," "Wandering Star," and so forth.

So, how about a "Something" litter?

"Something 4 Nothing," "Something Borrowed Something Blue," "Something Wicked This Way Comes," "Something's Gotta Give," "Something To Sing About," "Something About Her," "Sus on Something," "You're Something Else," "On To Something," "Something Done Right."

Those are all compliments of

Dawn said...

I had planned for for the last couple of years to use song titles, but then it changed to the Dream litter. Do what you like!

manymuddypaws said...

oooh, i like kate's idea of the "something" theme..

C-Myste said...

We did a Something (Somethin') litter years back. It was actually a Trustnluk litter I whelped for Carol who was in Alaska then. We had
Somethin' to Consider
Somethin' to Talk About
Somethin' To Believe In
Somethin' for Nothin'
Somethin' Different

Huxley is from a literary/book litter. His brother Chaucer is Canterbury Tales, brother Flint is Treasure Island, and then of course there's Maya. I didn't realize when I named Huxley that so many people wouldn't have known/read Brave New World.

I've always wanted to do an all Beach Boys litter.

Sherilyn said...

Cindy, Alec, Rus and I did the Jimmy Buffet litter for the Phantom/Marge litter and then when the 2nd litter was born on Memorial Day, they became the Patriotic litter. Ruby/Sulley litter was the wine litter, of course. Rus and I have several pages of themes/names that we want to use...most of them involve songs since music has always been a big part of both of our lives. You just have to pick something that is near and dear to your heart and go with it. Ideas will come pouring out when you hit the right idea. Come up with a theme and we'll be glad to give you ideas. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Or you could have a gimick like me, all the Cardis have a flying them in their names. Lots of ways to use it and then if I buy dogs or take stud fee puppies I can still use the Fly/Flight/Flying thing. You could pick a word/theme and go from there.

StubbyDog said...

I think sometimes it can take time to come up with the theme, unless you have very specific ideas. The Charm thing didn't come to me until later, when I was reflecting on how lucky I'd been that things had gone so well with the litter...nice puppies, large free-whelped litter, no supplementation, no mismarks, etc etc. :)

I like the twilight idea. Let me think of in a bit and come up with some suggestions in that theme and you can see what you think.