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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Counts are up

Zoe-momma was xrayed this AM and we have for sure 7 nice sized pups, with possibly an 8th hiding on the right horn. There are for sure 4 in the left horn and 3 in the right horn. My vet was very happy to see the wide pelvis and the already laxating of the hips for passing of the pups. It appears as though the first pup will come from the left horn and one in the right horn will be breech. Gosh its so exciting :)

I am hoping for 8, just because its my favorite # :)


Dawn said...

8 is a nice number. How much longer?

penni said...

Isn't 8 the Chinese good fortune number? The reason the Beijing Olympics began on 8-8-08 at 8 o'clock?

Kate said...

Plus after 8 I guess it gets harder to take care of them all. I like 8, too.

Where is the photo of the x-ray, huh?

Ginny MacDonald said...

Wonderful news. We are awaiting a litter just before Christmas here, hunting bred Chocolate Labs. Yay for puppies! :-D