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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Three Trails Supported Entry

The day following the National was the Three Trails Supported Entry and I had Justice, Zoe and Ell all entered. Unfortunately for a still growing on the smaller side female, Ell had to go in the "Open" class with bitches that were 10+ pounds bigger than her. She couldn't go in bred-by as I didn't breed her, and she can't go in American-bred as she was born in Canada...see the dilemma? The judge prefers larger girls regardless of the movement and structure so she was shown the gate in her class.

Justice was 3rd of 3. Justice was in the 6-9 puppy class and he is JUST over 6 months old, while the other two dogs in there were almost 9 months old and again 10+ pounds heavier than he. The important thing was he was having a fun time in the ring and that is what is important with a new puppy. I've seen people drag their puppies around the ring, be overly firm with them on the table or while stacking on the ground......things that puppies remember and things I would never do. Why wreck a dog and have them hate showing?

Zoe was in American bred and was 2 of 3. Zoe was given some compliments at the show and that was nice, especially since she has filled out since last year when we last showed her.

After some sad goodbyes and a quick lunch at Chipolte I was headed home, loaded to the gills! Ten hours later the dogs were happily running around our house and glad to be home. I was too :)

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