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Friday, April 24, 2009

National Recap Day 2 and Day 3

Day 2 and 3 (monday and tuesday) were "performance" days. Agility, Rally and Obedience were held during these days and I was a busy guy! I had entered Sadie in Novice Standard, Open Jumpers and Rally Novice. Oliver was also in Rally Advanced.

As you know from our other blog post on the blog Sadie did not Qualify in Novice Standard or Open Jumpers on monday, but she did get her first Rally Novice leg her first day out with no training! She earned a 95 point out of 100 and a 2nd place ribbon!

Below are videos of sadie and i attempting to do the agility. She just did NOT want to teeter and I look a fool :) You'd think with three years of training we'd be better...... LAST night we did three jumpers courses under time and with clean runs at practice..where was my video camera THEN!

And then came time for the jumpers.....she did wonderfully up until a certain jump where she came around and back over the jump the wrong way. that's "OFF COURSE" and is a NQ (non qualifying) score. Bummer. Watch below:

After agility I had to quickly potty dogs and prepare Oliver for Rally Advanced. I didn't ever think we'd Qualify, but wanted him to come with and have something to do with his Dad. I thought perhaps it would be fun bonding times between us. WRONG!!! We got into the ring and he took off sniffing and wagging that tail and happily running off course, around me and then he'd be like "oh crap! Heel! Right!" and then i could see his nose get the better of him and away he went again. We suffered through it on Monday and of course got an NQ.

Sadie did get her first RN leg and I was very happy about that

Tuesday morning JoAnne did NOT see me run my Novice Standard and therefore did not video tape it. She was too busy looking for a stir stick for her coffee. Priorities. We got a 2nd place finish with a score of 95 out of 100 for Sadie's second NA leg. I was very happy she did the teeter that time! She went off course again on Jumpers was basically giving me the middle finger when I tried to front cross her and she totally ignored me and ran BEHIND me and over the wrong jump. We suffered from there as I was so mad and frustrated with her and she knew it. Weaves were terrible...after just having done them in Novice standard beautifully. UGH.

Oliver again went to Rally Advance after JoAnne forbid me to scratch him and after he refused to down or sit I asked the judge if I could just be excused. He agreed and I think too quickly :) LOL

Sadie went in and I was ready for the judge to be awed by her expertise (I"m kidding) and she qualified placing but a green ribbon is a green ribbon! And a big one at that! :)

Tuesday evening was the Competition of Champion only dogs and bitches, called the Megan. There are three judges and the classes are dividied into 4 color classes and then split by sex, for a total of 8 classes (red/sable, blue, brindle, black in both dog and bitch classes). We had three judges from three different continents and it was apparent by their choices in dogs :) the eventual winner was Lisa Phillips with her brindle bitch! Congrats again Lisa!

I did have a few blurry photos of the Megan competition but there are better ones out there on other people's blogs (aka Emily) :)

Two very long, very fun, event packed days!!


JoAnne said...

YOu didn't expect me to stir my coffee with a pencil did you?

Sarah said...

Loved watching Sadie's runs, even though I did get to see some in person. :-) And you know, I got an email from one of our obedience/rally judges after the specialty. He said he really enjoyed judging, and while the dogs (in obedience on Monday) did not do really well in terms of qualifying, he was amazed at how happy the dogs and the handlers were, win or lose. He said you don't find that in a lot of breeds, where the exhibitors just love working with their dogs, and it shows in the corgi smiles. He was surprised that nobody seemed upset about an NQ. So I think it says something about how happy our dogs are to work with us, whether they qualify or not. I wouldn't have it any other way! :-) Congrats on a great week. And in time, I'm certain I will forgive you for not bringing Mitcham...