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Friday, April 24, 2009

Honest Scrap Award!

Honest Scrap Award

We were given the Honest Scrap Award from Magic at Days at Daybreak. So we need to be honest about 10 things. Sadie assumed it was her award so I let her do the list!

1. I was the cutest puppy in the litter (sorry Magic..I was the runt)

2. I am a wonderful mouser...I learned how to do it from the late farm dog Buddy.

3. I am queen of the house (and grandma's house too) and I get away with a lot over at Grandma's.

4. My favorite treat is Ice cream. If I like something a lot my dad calls them my 'ice cream eyes' as they nearly bug out of my head

5. I really love to run agility but HATE obedience. Rally is pushing it but I allow my dad to think I enjoy it :)

6. I used to drag our barn cats around by their heads. I figure if they are that dumb they deserve to be drug around the farm like that. I sure miss them.

7. I have never sat in the proper heel position unless I am forced to do so against the wall or cupboards.

8. I expect to sleep every night in bed with dad.

9. I love children and my new cousin Chase (my dad's nephew) is the best thing to lick and lay down next to

10. I am a very friendly girl who loves all dogs...unless we are at Petco and then I feel that I need to be alpha girl

So now we need to pass the award on to 7 others-
Carolyn at C-Myste
Sarah with Darby (hawk the swedish vallhund)
Sarah with Syd (diary of sydney)
Rayna with Nisa (northstar shetlands)
Cindy at Foggybottom
Sherilyn at Winjammin
Laura at My favorite people are dogs

Enjoy all!


Dawn said...

Hey Sadie, how about you were the cutest girl puppy and I was the cutest boy? That would be right anyways. I wish you still had them barn cats cuz I really do want to eat one. I almost caught one of the strays that come in my yard- I had its tail, but it got away. Magic

Garrett808 said...

Ok i can agree to cutest girl ;)

Let's play rally soon!

C-Myste said...

Eek! I'll ask my pack which one of them wants to go for it.

Sarah said...

argh, double the torture. But beware, Syd says, "The truth? You can't HANDLE the truth." gulp, I'm scared about what she might have to say...