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Sunday, April 26, 2009

National Recap Day 7

Saturday was Best of Breed competition. Since I didn't have any dogs in the the specials classes Shelley asked me if I would show Hunter for her. Sure!

I was able to show Hunter in Best of Veterans for Shelley. I have a hunter daughter now named Daisy so it was fun to see him in person and in the ring with me :) Hunter's daughter Dolly was WB and was being shown by Shelley. Emily got some neat photos of Dolly and Hunter before we went into the ring.

Below are several photos of the final cut where the Awards of Merit, Best of Winners and Best of Breed/Best In Show where decided.

This photo below show the Best Veteran/Best of Breed on the left...named Faith Hill. Best of Winners was Dolly and Best of Opposite was Paula O'Donnell's red boy Mick. First AOM went to Alice and then Dickens. I was told later the call name of the blue bitch in the photo was Halo.
The full results are HERE

The annual banquet was at 7pm but prior to that there was wine tasting which was a hoot as there was a load of cheese and meat to munch on and it was my first opportunity to try a few of the 'red' wines. I was also able to talk to the judge, Mr Jonathan Jeffrey Kimes about his judging, both during the wine tasting and after the banquet.

There was then the 'meeting of the minds' after that and there was a lot of great questions asked by us 'newer' people and answered by great experienced breeders. Amazing time!!

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