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Friday, April 24, 2009

The National Recap, Day 1 Sunday April 12th.

Let's see.....finally taking the time to blog about the national..and only about a week late! :)

I left a week ago saturday and loaded up my 5 cardigans and all of their stuff. I just happened to be so lucky to fit my suitcase in amongst their belongings ;)

I ended up driving all the way to Kansas City, MO where I stayed with friends and spent the night out on the town! An early morning came fast and I met up with JoAnne and Ferris Beashau and we headed to Topeka, KS to where our National was. I found Hal Poe ( a super nice guy who along with his wife got Justice's mother now in their home in Lafayette, LA) and he showed me where he taped off some grooming area. JoAnne, Ferris and I unloaded our stuff and set up camp.
Like the flag? Nikki Otto who is a friend from Fargo, ND that has Zoe's Auntie gave me that flag as a gift. She got it off of Ebay.

My grooming set up. Note the black bitch in the lower left is Not my girl, but is JoAnne's girl Roshambo. They just like to use my crates ;)

As a landscaper I was amazing they had Tulips already! We dont' get ours' up until usually Memorial Day!
Our host hotel. I didn't get a shot of the fountain on my camera so will have to glean it from facebook and add it here later :)

Finally unpacked at the hotel....and the brindle babies seem quite pleased with themselves
Zoe has found the 'easy' chair and is taking in all her surroundings (and royal subjects)

Justice is investigating the yummy grease smells coming from the roof top next to our window

Zoe is helping JoAnne and Ferris on their bed. You both can shoot me later ;)
Justice needed a bath so I gave him one I believe on Sunday night. Mr. Handsome :)


Sharrie said...

It's about time we got to hear something about the Nationals! Great pictures. Good idea for the dog blog.

Cynthia said...

I reallyyyy like Justice Garrett. All your babies are lovely but he is quite different. Looks like you had a grand time!

dreameyce said...

Justice thinks he rules the universe! Look at that!

JoAnne said...

Your girlfriend Zoe is perfectly behaved and we didn't mind her being on the bed. She's a sweetie.