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Monday, April 27, 2009

Mitcham Monday

Sorry Sarah and new photos of him (hey i've been BUSY!)

Here is one of him from Christmas Eve night. My how he has GROWN since then!

Here is a photo of the BOB Briard at the St Paul show in January...just think..someday that will be him and I...only I won't be in a skirt ;)


Rayna said...

I think I'd pay to see you show Mitcham in a skirt...*giggles*

Sarah said...

I think a skirt would definitely get you both attention. :-)

Dawn said...

I think we can find one for you Garrett-maybe at Cambridge where the wind can play?? Cant wait to see Mitcham in the ring-when will you be showing him?

dreameyce said...

Why won't you be in a skirt? I think a red skirt, red top, with a sparkly black jacket would look DASHING on you.... and would defiantly get you both attention ;)