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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Update on Duncan Miles (f/k/a Mr. Cole)

I'm not sure a dog could be more loved or doted on than Mr. Duncan Miles! He and his Pem sister Lucy are quite the team now according to their mom! I couldn't decide which photos she had sent me should be on the blog so I picked a few of my favorites and a few random ones to give you an idea of just how awesome his home is. He gets to go to the groomers, Petco, lots of walks and has a plethora of bones and such to keep him occupied when he and Lu are not running full out in the house. He is a Levi x Daisy pup and is a pink (e/e) pup. Notice how his nose color is just an off black now for those genetic junkies :) I miss him but seeing these pics fills my heart with love for him, and for his new family. It was totally meant to be, and everything happens as it should. Thank you Leslie for being an amazing person and a great mommy to one of my pups :)

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