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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brodie and Baylor

I wanted to do a few updates on some of the pups that were born here and now live with fantastic families elsewhere. The first dogs I wanted to talk about are the celebrities Brodie and Baylor. They have been seen on the "Daily Corgi" blog several times and their families keep me UTD on all their doings. Fantastic homes. I hope I am always blessed with such great homes :)

The first two photos are of Brodie (f/k/a Bannick) from the Pilot x Ell litter. He was the first puppy to leave and I met his lovely parents when I was at the National in Gettysburg, PA. Brodie lives the life of a very active and spoiled dog. My heart warms with the knowing he is in the best hands ever!

He is like his sisters and mother in their love of the water buckets...

Brodie's family loved him so much, that when I had another litter their daughter and her partner inquired about a puppy. Not only are Brodie and Baylor REAL cousins, they are also cousins in pedigree. Below is Baylor (f/k/a Cam) and he is out of my Levi x Daisy litter. He was puppy #10 to come out and was my favorite for quite some time. He has turned in to a handsome lad! His moms picked him up while I was in Milwaukee for a dog show this summer and he too was the first puppy to leave from that litter. I see a pattern.....

The best thing is that Brodie and Baylor are best buds and they get to hang out often. You can kind of see the similarities in the next few photos :)

Thank you all for giving Baylor and Brodie such fantastic homes! They are truly loved and adored by all who meet them, and I think the feeling is mutual ;)


Tin Roof said...

How nice that they have great homes and send you pictures and updates. I'm hoping for that with my litter.

Laurie Eno / The Daily Corgi said...

Your dogs have certainly brought some fantastic Cardi Power to my blog The Daily Corgi!

:) Laurie