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Friday, February 24, 2012

Brindle Brigade at 1 week

Has it REALLY been a week already? Yes. I guess it has. Where has the time gone? I've been unable to sleep through the entire night. No, everything is fine. I have not needed to supplement any pups, they are all gaining at about the same pace, Ell has lots of milk, eating at will (always food in the box) and she is being a fantastic momma! I've had lack of sleep because anytime the pups find themselves NOT attached to a nipple, they carry on about how rough their life is, and since I am a light sleeper, it hasn't gone well with my ability to have a sound night of sleeping :) I will have them moved to the living room today, where most of the action with the other dogs and myself happens. I'll still have the xpen around the box in the corner, so they can have their privacy. Ell still isn't ready to let the more submissive dogs in the pack see them, but Sadie is able to view at her leisure (she doesn't really like the pups anyway until they are big enough to play!)

Its nearly impossible to get individual photos showing their faces/markings so I'm still having to take group shots. Here are 10 of the pups, the other was sleeping on the warming pad :)

I'm so blessed that this litter has not needed any interference. Its always better when humans don't have to interfere (but I was prepared to if needed!)

Due to the high number of pups born, there are still available pups. Please inquire!

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