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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sophie Update (f/k/a Cleary)

Cleary had been hanging out with some of my friends in MInneapolis as I tried to decide if she were going to be a 'show girl' or not. When her nose noticeably changed from a black color, I knew she would not be able to be shown. There was so much I loved about her, her beautiful head, large round ears, sweet temperament and low stationed with moderate bone. However knowing that I can't keep everything, I decided to try and find her a home.

Cleary is now Sophie and since mid-December she has been a big city girl, living in Milwaukee right on Lake Michigan. Her older brother Duncan the Old English Sheepdog love her to bits, as does her mommy :) As you can tell she already rules the roost here and is the spoiled Goddess that she should be! Thank you Jeanie for taking the little Cleary-Bell and making Sophie such a great home :) I look forward to seeing her grow up in to the beautiful girl I know she already is

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Waveshaker Labs said...

Wow - what a great home. She looks good!