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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brewer's health tests

Brewer's took a little longer to arrive to DDC as he is on the west coast, but the wait was worth it :)

Brewer was tested for Fluff, Pink and DM. Worst case scenario he could only be a carrier of any of them, but these are his results:

Fluff: Carrier

Extension (Pink): Clear (E/E)

DM: CLEAR!! N/N (Normal)

Now we just have to do hips/elbows when he turns 2 in just over a week and wait for the results. I'm hoping to find the money somewhere to also do Ava, Ballantyne and Bolin at the same time.

I have had so many inquiries for using Brewer that I've been a bit humbled by it all. He is in no way perfect but am so shocked and happy that others see his virtues and merit for asking to use him for stud.

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Baledwr said...

This makes me so happy!