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Monday, February 20, 2012

Litter Theme Names (Suggestions appreciated!)

With special thanks to Missy the below list of names is the beginning of ideas for the pups. I can never think of catchy names. I had originally wanted a theme about LOVE (since it was close to that "V" day) and I was going to put it in Spanish in a shout out to mi familia de Espana. After ELEVEN puppies I agreed with Missy English would be much easier :)

Suggestions are welcome, but here is the list of names:

Ebonwald's Double the Affection
Ebonwald's Devoted to You
Ebonwald's Dont' Deny our Love
Ebonwald's Dangerous Admiration
Ebonwald's Diggin on You
Ebonwald's Dare to Fall in Love
Ebonwald's Dream of Romance
Ebonwald's Dedicated to Us
Ebonwald's Delectable Kisses
Ebonwald's Dazzling Hearts
Ebonwald's Dear to Me

As this is my fourth litter, I would like to stick with "D" for the beginning of the names.



Michelle said...

I like 'em!

Spyrock Cardigans said...

Now let's hope I can be that clever when it comes to Minnie's (hopefully) future litter!

Jules said...

Dahlia is one of my favorite "D" names.

penni said...

Dear To My Heart

Liz said...

Dulce Lilia - Spanish for Sweet Lily. Also a beautiful song by the way.
Do Me Right

C-Myste said...

"Do you love me" (now that I can dance)
Or come to think of it "Dirty Dancing"
A list of "D" songs, not all love songs but some good titles.

Spyrock Cardigans said...

I like Carolyn's Do you love me suggestion!