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Monday, July 19, 2010


I took the babies in to get their Rabies shots today.

I also weighed them out of extreme curiousity. My dogs always seem so small.

Brewer weighed in a whopping 19 pounds at just 4.5 months old.

Ballantyne weighed in at 15.3 pounds. I knew she was smaller (always has been) and she'll probably stay smaller like her momma Ell. It'll be interesting to see how Bolin and the rest of the pack weigh in. I know Bannick (now Brody and living in Connecticut) is 19 pounds as well, and Brody was a smaller puppy when he left me. Luckily Brody is also being red raw so the comparison is right in line with my dogs.

Ava also went along for the ride and to get weighed. She was 27.2#. She now weighs the same as Ell. Standing them side by side however their lines are very different. So are their pedigrees. Ava's appetite is like any teenage. hungry ALL.THE.TIME!

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