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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ok ok i'm going

I had my rubber arm twisted into going to Western Reserve again.

There is so much fun at this show that I 'had' to go. There are some 'newbies' going this year that I'm excited to hang out with as well as the regulars. I'll be able to see Ell's littermate Flash and her puppies out of Brett so that will be a learning experience and fun at the same time!

This show is like a mini national with so many of the people who attend the national also attending the WR. Its a three day show with two days sponsored by the CWCCWR and one day by the Lorain County KC. I've entered Ell and Ava and am planning on taking Brewer and Ballantyne with as well so I can get my mentor's thoughts on them as they are growing up. Ava is entered in Sweeps all three days too so that will give us extra ring time training! Look out! :)

I can't wait!

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