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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Raw Diet question

Ell has had four months since the pups were born (two since they were weaned) and she does not have a stitch of hair on her. While she has been known to have a tighter coat when IN coat, she is just nekkid!

Is there anything in the raw diets any of you have done (or supplements to give her) to get her coat back? I was wanting to show her this summer to get her last major but can't if she is hairless.

Any suggestions welcome!


Traci said...

I've tried Inflight Coat Formula ( and have had success with it. I heard about it from Jennifer Roberson.

Joanna said...

She sounds like she's right on schedule to me - in my experience with six raw litters the really heavy hair loss doesn't begin until the puppies are about three months old. Clue's babies are turning six months old in a couple of weeks and she's finally beginning to look like she has some coat - she doesn't have her pants back yet but she has some volume on her neck and chest.

I've done the "grow coat on a doorknob" recipe with my own tweaks and I think it puts a beautiful shine on the dog and it'll prevent nutrition-based shedding, so if she's done losing coat you can try that and see if you can bulk her up a little faster.

penni said...

Are you adding salmon oil to the food? That helps bring the coat in. Also a lot of people use "In Flight" to encourage coat growth.

Jules said...

I feed raw and add carbs to bring in coat; either brown rice or steel cut oats. Others who feed raw might have something else that works well.

For supplements...Holly recommended the InFlight Coat Supplement to me and I LOVE it. Bug was very naked very early this spring due to all the swimming in tepid water he was doing for PT. InFlight really brought his coat back quickly.

C-Myste said...

Don't sweat it: she's on track for growing hair back now. They start losing hair abou the time you wean them, or at about 8 weeks. (Hannah's pups are 5 weeks and 2 days, just being weaned, and she should start blowing any minute.)
Then it's after about 2 months nekked that the hair starts coming back in.

dreameyce said...

With Galaxy I cold spritzed, and back brushed by suggestion of a few people and it worked wonders. You backbrush the coat, spritz the skin w/ cold water, backbrush it in, then brush the hair back.

That does seem to encourage hair growth. Before shedding it, Galaxy had more coat than she'd ever had in her life! Hopefully we get it back.

Holly said...

I don't raw feed but I LOVE Inflight Coat Formula. I have used it for over a decade, starting in GSDs.

2Grandmas2 said...

Inflight. I love the stuff. I have a girl with little coat. She would do her normal twice yearly coat blowing and then also blow twice a year before going into heat. The Inflight Coat Formula has her now only shedding twice a year, total, on her hormone cycle. She has just blown her coat and it is no where near as bad as in the past.

yasashiikuma said...

Rocky went down to her underwear after each litter and then the coat came back stronger than ever. Tincture-of-time is the best supplement :)