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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthdays Galore!

I was away to Oregon when Daisy had her 3rd birthday! She turned on June 20th. We celebrated when I got home with ice cream for 'everybody' (meaning dogs)!

On the 10th is Mitcham's SECOND birthday! Lord knows these two years have FLOWN by, and yet when I'm grooming him (still....I haven't trimmed him!) it seems like eons. He is such a good boy too. We'll have to celebrate with a bike ride (he running next to me) early this morning, and have ice cream when the entire family is home to celebrate (I need help handing out ice cream for all the dogs as they all think that all nine bowls are for each of them (meaning all for one dog)). I'm flying out today to Yellowstone in Wyoming for my cousin's wedding! I've never been there so should be fun to explore all weekend! Monday night we'll celebrate the BHB's bday. Many thanks to my buddy Josh for staying and house (dog) sitting for me while I'm away!

Ah the life I lead....

And now to make the appt for Mitcham's hips/elbows!

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