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Monday, July 5, 2010

Keepin' Cool

I just got back from my shenanigans in Minneapolis! so much good food, wine, friends and fireworks! And I didn't have to clean up after 50 people! NICE! I could get used to this!

I got home, let the dogs out and refilled their pool. Sadie and Ballantyne (working on a name change) and Brewer all hop right in. Ell and Ava usually stay back about 10 feet and when they see me, they run away thinking I"m going to put them in the pool. Daisy also loves the pool, but waits until the more rambuncious ones are done. I'm surprised Ell and Ava are so close to the pool in these photos! Sadie loves to bite the hose and pull it around in the pool (or drag it out).

*note the still naked Ell!
Here Brewer and Sadie are playing. I wish I got a video of this. Sadie is SO happy all the time. She cracks me up. Ballantyne is plotting a way to get in and get as wet as possible and then jump on me. And I fall for it every time. ahem.

A little while later...Brewer is too pooped to play anymore. At least for 10 minutes. He has the most 'bedroom eyes' look ever!

Ballantyne asks' Hey! Where did everyone go?!'

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