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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Puppy Party Photos (yes five days late)

ok ok. Yes I'm trying to catch up :)

These pups are raring to go waiting for the onslaught of new Cardis and people to meet!
BELOW: (sorry this photo had to be put in. I hadn't posted it before I don't think. This is nearly a month late...sorry sorry sorry!)
Here is another photo of pre puppy play date
Here is Nancy (Justice's new owner) giving treats to the mob of adult cardigans. Myrtle is out of this photo!
Zoe giving Rob some much needed loving. Sisters Zoe and Myrtle are both face lickers (as are the puppies out of Zoe and Hux)
This photo shows Crockett (now Little Beaver) resting on Nancy's lap. Daisy is loving the pats from Jen and Rob and Myrtle is looking at Nancy for pets.
Nikki is giving treats now. It looks like a mob scene.
Myrtle and Daisy getting some lovin' while Zoe is on a mission to find some.
Oliver loves Nikki! They go way back :)

Here is another one of Daisy and Jen. Daisy LOVED everyone, and was sitting on all of their laps, asking to be pet, and constantly in the midst of the activity. I was so proud of her!

And now a few photos of the POST puppy party. They all slept well! I did move them to their individual crates for night time napping. I love how their heads fall over the sides of the bed. That just can't be comfortable.


Ginny McMurrough said...

Wow, what a much needed dose of cuteness! Looks like it was a great time. :o)

gertie said...

I love the floppy-sleeping-puppies!