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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Belly Watch T minus 12 days...or so

Do you think she'll have a couple? Her udder is barely swollen but her belly is humongous! She already is unable to jump up onto the couches, or the ottoman to get in to bed. The photo above was taken tonight, just minutes ago. The next two are from yesterday. I call her my Buddha Belly Baby....:)


C-Myste said...

OMG she's huge.

I guess me and Pilot got another one done.

Taryn said...

She HUGE! It's gonna be a very long twelve days for her!

Sharrie said...

And it is sooooooo hard to get a picture of a Cardi up-side-down. Who her condition that may be very comfortable.

Kelly said...

So, what is this litter's theme? Did you come up with a registered name for Ava?