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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Catching UP! So much has happened!!

I was being gently prodded by Sarah to post some photos and get everyone caught up with my doggie life :)

Below are some photos to play 'catch up' with. Janey here being so stinking adorable. She is such a love.

Walkin' about....
Yup, she's a tan pointed blue! (very light tan)

Here little Crockett man is looking for just the tiniest bit of affection from Sadie and hoping she'll let him share the space with her and Mitcham. It didn't work
This face is pretty much the cutest face ever. I'm not even partial.
My nephew is the cutest thing too! Here he is dancing. One day he just started dancing by twisiting his torso to and fro, and moving his feet up and down and back and forth, AND he claps his hands to the beat and slaps his knee when a really good song comes on. He's so cute.
Chase here with Grandpa and two of the pups.
Alamo's favorite spot is to sit on the treadmill. Here he can see his 'kingdom' and all his subjects. Erica said he would rule the world some day. I have no doubt in my mind that he will! (he is still available to a pet home too!)

On Saturday, Justice went to his new forever home. While I felt Justice has some redeeming qualities, there were also some things that his breeder and I decided were just not going to turn out. I was sad that he was my second tri boy that I've had to home as I just love that marking and its getting seemingly more rare all the time (he was the only tri dog at Western Reserve this year....there was one tri bitch only also). I do think however if you are going to show, you must only show the best. Not just what you have available. Justice still had a level top line and he wasn't out at the elbows which are two of my pet peeves. There is more to a dog obviously, and he still moved well and such, but some things just didn't seem to turn out. I hope I'm wrong and he turns out smashing and I'm kicking myself.However the home he went to is probably the best home ever! Nancy has two other Cardigans (10 yrs and 9 yrs old) and Justice has brought puppy hood back to them and to their househould. He has fit right in and they are already talking obedience, rally, therapy dog to name just a few. Justice is also cattle and sheep experienced too!. Nancy, when trialing competitively was in the top 10 Cardigans of the year for obedience and agility when she had her dogs competing, so he is going to be a great dog with her! Make sure you watch for updates on him.

The best part is he is now in Fargo, so I'll be able to see him at trials and whenever I have time to visit him. So I guess I'm lucky too :)


Holly said...

You have a very nice litter! BuI hate to break this too you but Janey is a brindle pointed blue. Take a look at my site. Zsa Zsa, Olivia & Honor are tan pointed. Demi, Emma & Snickers are brindle pointed. Janey is just a more brilliant brindle point.

Sarah said...

Hey. I only asked because not seeing the blog makes me wonder, "hmm, I wonder if Garrett has gotten out of dogs or something?" You know, it's always possible, right?

Garrett808 said...

Hi Holly! Thanks for the clarification. Her armpits are completely orange, no brindling in them. Wanda pointed that out to me as I thought they were all brindle pointed.

Do you know if Demi, Emma and Snickers have tan armpits? Zoe is registered as tan pointed but I always thought she was brindle pointed. Both Zoe and Hux I thought were carriers of tan points so assumed it could happen.

I'd like to hear what others have to say.

I did think that the tan pointed dogs would be much darker pointed like my Justice and Mac.

C-Myste said...

I'm thinking that Janey is brindle-pointed. I need to look at the picture on a bigger screen in a bit.

There are some that can fool you at first. Kacy's first owner mis-registered her as tan-pointed and I had to change her registration.

Holly said...

Rita & I still laugh over the fact that I was so convinced Demi was tan pointed even though Rita insisted & registered her as brindle pointed. And Rita was correct, Demi was truly a brindle point. I realized that when Demi whelped her first litter and had a tan point in it. When you have one you will see the clear difference.

BTW Zoe is a brindle point too.

Just investigated Emma's armpits & they are a solid shade of tan BUT she is brindle pointed.