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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ava stacked photos @ 11 weeks

I noticed on Carolyn's blog a slight hint at wanting more stacked photos. This is Ava, whose registered name has yet to be finalized. I"m having a heck of time being quick witted with my names :)

None of these photos are perfect, but with the help of my Tervuren friend and agility instructor Deb Hoff, I was able to get some fairly representative photos of the little baddog.

All around I would say an improvement on Zoe which is what I wanted. Stronger rear, more bone, more prominent chest, thus far, AND she has Zoe's sweetest of sweet temperament, her need to lick faces every chance she gets, and the ability to sleep on her back all the time. I think the little stinker moves fairly nice too. She refuses to cooperate on a lead yet, so we'll work on that :)

Critiques and comments are welcome!


StubbyDog said...

Boy she really has Zoe's expression, doesn't she?

She's adorable and looks nice! Hope she grows up nicely for you too. :)

Rayna said...

Omg...can totally see Zoe lol. I'm in love :)

Jennifer said...

She is a beauty! That dark patch on her left eye is stunning. Glad to hear she has Zoe's sweet personality. Bonus!! said...

Ebonwald ForAva Young :oP

Kelly said...

Ebonwald A Blessing ForAva

since you were going with a Blessing theme I think.

Spyrock Cardigans said...

Ebonwald Available To Bless or Ebonwald Available 4 Blessings

Also quick question, does it have to be limited to 30 characters?

Baledwr said...

You can pay for more letters.

She' looking lovely, love her long outline. Those unique markings are just a bonus, nobody will forget her!

(see, I saw her!)

penni said...

Garrett, the Welsh word for "blessing" is bendith. So, Ebonwald Bendith (pronounced bendit) might be a good name for your girl.

For us old folks, how about changing the color of the type on your blog to a darker color?