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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ell, Mitcham and Alamo

Ell goes in for her radiograph today. I talked to the head of a vet clinic at the vet school, and she said that any time after day 40-42 you can radiograph to count babies. Since I didn't ultrasound, I wanted to see how many NOW, as she still has a week to go, but she's giving me a lot of signs of whelping early (or its just my mind playing tricks on does that a lot).

Alamo and I are going to Minneapolis tonight as he flies out to his new home in Seattle tomorrow! He's going to be a big city dog and will have an older Cardigan sibling to antagonize :) I am promised photos when he gets there so fingers crossed for him and his new family!

I'll report back on Ell when I know how many!

Is anyone going to Milwaukee to the West Allis shows this next weekend? I have to get Mitcham there and I am unable to go as Ell is due to whelp that friday/saturday (if she holds out long enough). I could meet you somewhere half way in the next few days if that would help. I'd pay you for your gas of course naturally!

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