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Saturday, April 10, 2010

updated video...whoops! I mean photos

I've been trying to upload a 3 minute video of the puppies playing for the past FOUR days. It uploads for a good seven hours and then it stops uploading and says 'error'. UGH

No one wanted to see cute puppies rolling all over the box and each other, anyway right?


So photos will have to suffice. sorry!

The first two photos are from the 7th. The rest are from today :)

Below from top left and clockwise is sable/red male, red brindle girl, brindle pointed black girl and sable/red girl.
The four in the litter box are left to right: red/sable girl, brindle pointed black girl, black brindle male, brindle pointed black male. Three is the box are the tan/light brindle pointed male in the doorway, the red brindle girl and the sable/red boy on the plate. No fluffs by the looks of it!! :)
The four in the litter box. They now think its a great play/sleeping area. its also closer to momma.
Just so everyone knows the bad dog of this litter is the sable/red boy. And also the most dramatic, howly (is that a word?), most alert puppy. :)

Sable/red girl. Do you think she'll retain that mask?Sable/red male. He has lost his mask already. He has a face that I just love.......
red/sable girl and the black brindle pointed girl contemplating their next moves.....


StubbyDog said...

I find it hard to tell about masks...a lot of my puppies had masks when they were little, and I was surprised by those that lost it vs those that kept it. I do think they are adorable especially on reds/sables, so I hope she keeps it!

They look great! Can't wait to see them at nationals.

C-Myste said...

The red/sable girl is really pretty. Looks like Inca as a baby. No, I don't think she'll keep much mask. Probably just a little tracing of darker color.

Traci said...

Super cute babies!!! :)

dreameyce said...

Puppy fever... I can have it!

They all look great!

Baledwr said...

I love the babies, looking beautiful