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Sunday, April 18, 2010

lots of puppy photos!

This first one is from the other day. I tried to get them all in a row...5 is all I could get.
This is such a cute photo of Momma Ell Bell and the babes today.
puppies with Grandma on their first day out
More photos.....
More cuteness
Brewer (the one i really like) getting some lovin' from grandma
jealousy at such a young age
Nephew Chase with the puppies. THEY LOVE HIM!
Brewer again....

The innocent Bolin
Ballantyne...she is so outspoken outside!
Auntie's leg with some of the pups

Bolin heard about this 'Biscuit' red dog who was trying to win cutest face while stuck in the crate, and so she decided to try to 'one up' him.


Taryn said...

Cute photos! The pups are getting big!

Sharrie said...

What a great age. They couldn't be cuter!!!

Kelly said...

So are you keeping one of these little monkeys too or are they all finding new homes?

Sarah said...

Ha. I wasn't expecting that last photo and comment. Biscuit will be so happy that another puppy looks up to him and wants to be like him. 'Cept Bolin would have to get a LOT more hair! :-)

Cute, cute babies.

Sarah said...

Won't Ell miss her babies when you go to the specialty? Or is she over them by now?