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Monday, April 5, 2010


I haven't talked much about the 'Big Hairy Beast' as he hasn't been here to talk about! He left two days after Ell had her puppies to go out with a handler to find those last three single points. It turns out with the minute amount of class Briards in the country, I am having to pay the big bucks to get his CH. There are no Briards in the upper midwest to show against. All the bitches and dogs that needed to finish, did so this summer. Now its just Mitcham who needs a few single points. And the other dogs that ARE out there are few and far between. REALLY FAR! He did get a single point in York, PA the one day there was class competition! I had entered all 5 days, and there were points only on saturday and sunday. On sunday, the other dog didn't show up! Chicken.

I don't mind losing, but I do hate paying for entries and then having the competition not show up!

So now he sits at 13 points, with three majors (all cross overs btw). And with no new litters in the works in this region, it looks like we'll keep on searching for those points.

Even his breeders don't know of anyone with another class dog to compete against. I'd just like that opportunity to do that. Compete. The specials out there are all in amazing adult coat, with several years of work of grooming with their handlers. Mitcham, although he is really nice, just can't compete with age and coat length and ears that aren't still being glued and banded!

Time to check the lambs again.

I do miss the Big Hairy Beast. I hope he's home in time to help socialize these puppies! But I do know he is having a blast with his handler and getting completely spoiled with her. And he doesn't seem to miss me....

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Waveshaker Labs said...

Hope Mitcham continues to rack up those last few points!