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Friday, March 19, 2010


No really. They haven't changed much :)

Actually they change so fast by the time i upload/download the photos from camera to pc and then to blogger, they have changed!

Most of their eyes are open and they are stumbling around to go potty away from where they are sleeping, and are starting to hear noises. They are so adorable. All of them appear quite thick (body mass), full, heavy and content. Ell is being a great momma. I moved them to the living room as its much warmer now in MN than it was in December here. Zoe assuredly tells me that those are her babies, come back reincarnate, and she must go in there to be with them. Ell thinks differently.

Ava just wants to play with them...but I don't think they are ready for her YET.

Photos on Sunday. I know I know...that's two whole days. But I'm too busy to upload now....lo siento


Sarah said...

So Sunday is here, and now on the way out... stop doing everything, and post new pictures.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the Zoe update! And can't wait to see pix of Ava and her new friends playing.