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Monday, March 22, 2010

Everyone just settle down!

Shearing. Lambing (every 2 hour barn checks 24 hours a day for the last three weeks...(read no deep sleep)). farm spring cleaning. business preparations. taxes and preparing for those. puppies. preparing for national and being gone 12 days. Dealing with a computer that has ZERO memory. i.e. COMPLETELY full. I cannot download photos without deleting some others. Choices choices! My puppy buyers are not even this relentless! And the pups are not even 3 weeks old. There is nothing special about them! Well...ok...they ARE kinda cute. So let's all take a deep breath, and relax. I needed that too :) "END VENTING"

I do have a video I took today, two minutes long of them just drunken sailor-ing around the box. I'll try and post that tomorrow.


penni said...

Garrett, Go get an 8 gigabyte "flash" drive, also called a "thumb" drive. Save your photos from the computer onto the thumb drive into folders that will make sense to you in a year.

You can really clear off the computer that way. Then run system tools to "clean" your C drive and to defragment the C drive. You'll be back in business. The nice thing about the thumb drive is you can stick it in your pocket and take it with you.

You can also add an external hard drive and move the photos to the new hard drive -- be sure to delete them from your main computer whether you use a thumb/flash or an external drive.

Babies are very cute. This is a fun age!

C-Myste said...

Oh, the cute! . . .

Penni is right. I think all of the computer talk is rubbing off on her. A thumb drive is a good way to go.

Winjammin' said...

I would actually recommend the external hard drive. I would go to and check out their special deals. Right now they have a 1.5TB (terrabyte) hard drive that is on sale for $140 with free shipping. That is a great deal, and very cost effective!

And so you know how much you can store here's a little guide....
Most digital pics are about 2-5MB (or megabytes) before editing for web use etc. Now if you're like me, you like to keep the originals so you can reuse and resize as needed. Ok, so just for easy math, we'll use the 5MB size.

The conversion is 1000MB=1GB (gigabyte) and 1000GB=1TB (terrabyte). So, 1000MB divided by 5MB = 200 pictures, for 1GB.
Multiply that times 1000 (for the terrabyte conversion) and you get 200,000 pictures!

And as another comparison, we store EVERYTHING on a 1TB external hd; music, docs, our dog pedigree database, photos, our website, and about anything else you could possibly think of. And remember, I'm in the IT biz, so I accumulate a TON of programs for my day to day usage. Anyway, we have only filled about half of the drive....maybe slightly more.

Whatever your solution, make sure you use "cut and paste" to remove the pictures from your computer and place them on your removable media. Otherwise you will only be copying the photos and that doesn't get you anywhere. Once you have that done, I would definitely recommend some preventative maintenance to keep your system running. Remember, it's just like your car...if you neglect it, you can guarantee it'll fail when you least expect it!!

Hope this helps! If you have questions, let us know! We'll be mroe than happy to help.

Anonymous said...