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Monday, July 6, 2009

Searching for the 'dog mobile'

Ok so the Expedition has got to go! I cannot fit all my dogs in the vehicle, OR all of their supplies! I tried doing that going to the National this year and I fit all the Cardigans but not Mitcham, and most of the supplies had to go on a cargo carrier.

I do have the Ford Focus wagon for trips that require less dogs (this weekend Mitcham, Justice and I are going to Duluth Fri-Sun) but what happens when my entire family is gone and I need to take ALL the dogs AND all of their stuff??

No I refuse to get a minivan!! Bring on the full size vans! Any brand or model that you really have liked? It was only a matter of time really. This way I could even bring an inflatable bed to sleep on in the van if it ever came to that ;) Do the cargo vans have heaters and A/C in the back or would I need to get a passenger van and take the seats out?



penni said...

Shelley has a cargo van. She's installed the crates two high along the wall behind the drivers seat and uses the space at the back of the van for luggage and supplies. She keeps a folded X-pen bungeed behind the passenger seat. If you are going to Western Reserve, you might ask her to let you see the inside.

You can order the vans with heating and cooling to the rear. A custom shop will add features like a raised platform in the back for an inflatable bed with storage underneath for grass mats and chairs, water, bowls, etc.

When I traveled with the GSDs, that's what I had. I loved it -- it held everything and was quite comfortable the way it was configured.

Also, please change my blog name/url in your blogroll. We are now

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on the Minivan-- but they work so well!

I had a Dodge Tradesman (1978?) that I put 150K on, blew the motor, put another motor in and put another 120 on it with the original transmission- before it finall rusted too much to save. I loved it! I had it set up much like Shelleys- the safest place for the dogs is behind the driver no matter what vehicle you are driving. (incidence of crash is much higher for a rear end collission)

The advantage, too, with a full sized van is that you can tow a trailer-- and save on hotel bills!

But oh- the gas mileage!!

Check out Craigs List-- a friend found a high top conversion with low miles that she has for her Pulik- and it has a bed installed in the back already- refrigerator (marine battery/electric) and plenty of room--

Good Luck!! Hope to see your new rig in Gettysburg