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Friday, July 17, 2009

Justice win photo

Justice going WD for two more points under Pembroke breeder and judge Candace Kramer. That darn front foot! Note to self to stack better even if the photographer says its ok!


Winjammin' said...

The foot doesn't look bad at all. This photographer really knows what he's doing, and I know, at least from our perspective, he took the best win photos I think we've ever taken.

One thing to work on though, for you, is to NOT wear black pants with a black dog!!! :o) You need something lighter to better show him off...such as khaki, tan or light gray, or something along those lines. Typical black/navy doesn't get it done with the black dogs. Trust me...I had to learn the lesson too!! :o) (Of course if you were REALLY adventurous, you'd go for the REALLY bright suits...PURPLE!! You'd be the TOTAL pimp!! hehe)


Dawn said...

LOL Rus. I was going to mention the same thing, well not the purple part.

Sarah said...

nah, you can clearly still see the dog, and Garrett looked very professional showing his dog in black pants. Good boy, Justice. :-) Justice looks more grown up in this new photo than in the one from just a few weeks before!

penni said...

He's so handsome. Good job Garrett. I think black is good for a black dog with a hinky topline. If your dog has a good topline, wear a color that shows it off. Hmmm. You could get some of the John Daly wild plaids (NOT).