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Monday, July 27, 2009

Agility videos of the girls

**WARNING! Dial up may take forever to show these videos!! I won't haven't had the time to to learn how to edit the videos so what you see is what you get! So Good luck if you try to view them! >:) All of them were taking tonight at class.

The first video is of Merrymoon Ebonwald I'm a Q.T. aka 'Ell'. She has only had 5 weeks of formal training for agility. Her first session was cut by nearly 2/3 as she was in heat for most of her session so we are 'retaking' the foundation class. This is our second week in and I am already able to work her off leash. The A frame is going 'up' next week to the full height but otherwise I'm really REALLY happy with her progress so far! She is a natural! I love working her! (And she isn't as stubborn as Sadie to work!) The course is not that long (7 obstacles) so its really more of a 'sequence' but she loves it and that's why I do it!!

The next video is of Sadie. She is in the 'advanced' agility class (there are only two classes at this training facility). I really wanted a second night during the week of something other than inside training as there are a host of different distractions in an outside setting. In the beginning of this class Sadie would NOT do a rear cross and she kept stopping. This video doesn't show that (on purpose!) I personally think the two jumps are too close together and you can't see the rear cross thanks to the A frame but you get the idea. She did do it this time in the video so I guess she decided not to give me the 'middle finger' the entire night :)

Last week it was down pouring rain and we ran it. Yes the Sadie Princess actually WALKED and RAN and did the course under time in the rain! I was so proud of my spoiled rotten, Miss 'have it your way' independent girl work in the rain! Now I know that rain or shine we can do outside agility runs! WOHOO!

And last but not least we have Bendi Ebonwald Smthing 2 Prove aka 'Zoe'. She filled in for Ell for two weeks while Ell was in season. This is her fourth night of classes and is currently being handled by my sister. I thought they could learn together :) My sister had a little problem with the leash and it getting in the way of Zoe going down the A frame but it was resolved! Zoe LOVES this agility stuff and I can't wait to have all my girls competing shortly!


penni said...

They all looked like they were having a great time. That's sure a lot of training on your schedule.

Dawn said...

Looking good, but I still think we need to switch dogs! Being old and fat I would love a dog who would run with me instead of miles ahead, with your long legs you could keep up to Magic. LOL. The princess is really looking good.