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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


With my sister working Mac at agility, and Ell and Zoe both now in their second sessions of agility I thought it fitting to get a tire. Well mostly because Sadie is going NEXT to the tire now instead of THROUGH it.

She just needed inspiration!!

I made her down stay and then she HAD TO WATCH Ell, Mac and Zoe and I have so much fun running up to the tire and me saying "GO TIRE" and the three of them (sometimes two at a time) would jump through the tire.

I nearly thought Sadie would have a seizure she was all worked up. Needless to say our down stay didn't work for very long and every time I'd ask Ell or maybe Zoe to "go tire" Sadie would break from her 'wait' or 'down stay' and follow them through the tire and then she'd growl at them as if she was saying "how dare you jump through MY tire!"

She hasn't gone next to the tire since then in our 1-on-1's so I'm hoping that that is all she needed was some incentive :)

Oh and its much easier to run the dogs through the course at home when there IS only one dog jumping through at a time LOL

And NO I will NOT youtube it!

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Rayna said...

Why not? It would be friggin' hilarious!